Rescue the Afghanistan People Organization

Rescue the Afghanistan people organization, RAPO in short is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-political founded in the year 2018 and is fully authorized and registered in the Ministry of Economy based upon the; Registration number (4493) and the Directorate of non-governmental organizations. All the activities in RAPO are legal and within and based upon the social needs and requirements. RAPO is in search of the best possible solutions of the people our people are currently suffering. Fighting against the corruption, unemployment and other potential social problems with consideration of the Afghanistan Constitutions and the governing rules is what RAPO is involved. We believe what we do is similar to that/those of the other NGOs, thus our goals can be achieve much better and much more effectively with the help of other active NGOs as far as we have the same target. RAPO is founded to reduce alleviate the above cited issues/problems as much as possible. We work for the betterment of the Afghanistan people live and it will be responsible for creating a prosperous and progressive foundation based on social justice, human dignity, and national unity, equality between all ethnic groups and tribes, and balanced development in all parts of the country.

Afghanistan is a country that has managed to get all that details and positions to become a powerful agricultural country, with a good civilized economy and a healthy social environment. In order to realize the high percentage of this situation, various institutions are now working to embody some of this evolution. RAPO, with a vast vision of having a bright and developed future for Afghanistan,has taken a major step to ward all segments of  society  and for all citizens in the  country.  According to  Ab.Saboor Rahimi , the Founder “My goal is to make Afghanistan  free of any prejudices to Guaranty the prosperity and  progression of this land. I have decided to practice  all that I learned  throughout my career live for the good of the people which  i believe I'm helped by God and the good people  ,I have begun all my experiences with a strong and eternal backing, and this is all my God's help with my friends,  With the help of God, my only purpose is to serve the people and I will not hesitate to remove any barriers to the development of my country from all dimensions cultural, social, economic, agricultural, educational and healthy sides.”

Secrets behind  Logo :

RAPO works for all segments of the community men and women. Whatever the purpose of this institute is so far, the goal of this institution is to serve the people and bring them to a civilized and advanced society. The symbol of the saffron, which includes the female fraction, is to share this community of people with a developed global agriculture and use from their open minded, talented and skilled  characters in this field.The symbol of the green leaf which includes the male fraction, is synchronization for a green and will-developed Afghanistan which they will not hesitate for making progress in the field of agriculture and enrichment. All of these dimensions of the useful activities of men and women are included in the map of Afghanistan, and the symbol of cattle and sheep represents agriculture, gardening, cultivation and enriching all the fertile lands of this country. Apart from all this, agriculture is not our only goal, yet we are cropping up a good country with a great economy, self-sufficiency of the Afghan people to build all kinds of means those needed in this way , besides, our educational progression to achieve the goals. To achieve this aspiration, which is imperative, our people should  belief the idea of becoming self-sufficient after their high-mindedness and advanced agriculture. And they should  start to build themselves and families in order to help  to reduce  the corruption annihilate the  wrong  cultures  and to avoid any ambiguity from the society . thats all to rescue Afghanistan and the Afghan people.



October 7

Last working places and centers activities

Last working places and centers activities
RAPO, Left behind from the very beginning, with open minded thoughts, strong and powerful activities. including the opening of workshops and technical assistance to solve the problems of vehicles technically with smart devices, calligraphy training simulators, Carpet weaving, and many applied arts for the two groups of women and men…
October 9

History of rape and date of start

History of rape and date of start
Rescue the Afghanistan people organization, RAPO in short is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in the year 2018 and is fully authorized and registered in the Ministry of Economy based upon the ; Registration NO (4493)  and the  Directorate of non-governmental organizations. All the activities in RAPO are legal and…
January 26


In this direction, RAPO aims to unite the broken pieces. In order to bring this country to its place of desirability, to self-respect these people from the educational, cultural, social, economic and management perspective. For this purpose, RAPO is not alone and has all the people with itself, because its…