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Najian Mehrwarz Agricultural , Gardening & Livestock Company .

At the very beginning, RAPO will contact the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock and the Department of Agriculture and other NGOs to negotiate the current problems farmers suffer and to empower the farmers and farming in Herat and the relevant districts. Therefore, informing the people is what we shall do and to implement the program efficiently. Dashte houz allocated to annual government rent under agricultural process.The area is 6 acres Located in Engil district of Herat province, Rescue the Afghanistan People Organization has set up a long-term agricultural process for the Afghan people, providing employment to a large number of people while still preventing usurpation of government land. Since about 75 percent of the Afghan people are engaged in agriculture, the institute’s agricultural sector seeks to provide a modernized mechanization in the cultivation, harvesting, processing, packaging and supply of high quality agricultural materials at home and abroad. The Department of Agriculture of Rescue the Afghanistan People’s Organization has fortunately been able to cover the silk business. So that it can export homegrown products abroad. As for the livestock and, RAPO is doing its best efforts to get the most efficient advises from the department of agriculture and livestock and all the active NGOs, to hire well-seasoned and the experts majoring in agriculture to attain the positive results of the implementation of the projects. RAPO is intending to help people and the farmers have the most fertilizing lands for cultivation and to provide them the farming cleaned seeds. Informing the farmers and the cattle owners to raise their livestock in best possible and scientific manners.

Agriculture Activities

Najian Mehrwarz Agricultural , Gardening & Livestock Company . In partnership with Rescue the Afghanistan People Organization (RAPO) Its agricultural activities started by sprinkling seeds (Wheat, barley and cumin) To the lands of villages Enjil District. Rescue the Afghanistan People Organization has been able to work with the cooperation of the esteemed director of information and culture of Herat, the tourism directorate and the esteemed director of Herat municipality. In the field of planting , nature conservation and tourism development to institutionalize the development of green space in part of the recreation areas and pilgrimage park of Sheikh, Dasht-e Howz and parts of the road to Turghandi to preserve natural resources. Fortunately, in the one years ago Rescue the Afghanistan People Organization In partnership with Najian Mehrwarz Agricultural , Gardening & Livestock Com. In short-term and long-term plans, employment and financial assistance to 200 families, with an average of five members per family, was able to contribute to Herat.

Plant growth
Agricultural products
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Livestock Activities

Afghanistan is a country with abundant natural resources, especially large pastures, which is the best platform for livestock growth and development.
During our series of activities, we have tried to help the growth and development of the economy of 200 families in the Injil district. During this year, we have raised 300 sheep and 100 chickens. Let’s Improve the use of domestic products.

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