Top Dokht Tailory

The Top Dokht tailoring was established on 6/5/2019 under the auspice of the   Rescue The Afghanistan People Organization, RAPO. The tailoring intends to expand its activities for a prosperous future to have paved the ways for the women to find job opportunities in unique suitable environment not only in Herat but also in other provinces. Topdokht ,

 On the other hand, the Top Dokht tailoring is capable in supplying Majlisi clothing :


*  women’s ( Majlesi, Bride dress , Manto Trousers )  
*  Men’s clothing (suit, dress and T-shirt)
*  Childish(Teddy , Belize and pants)
*  Pajamas (women’s and men’s) 
*  Sewing of home and kitchen sets and types of uniform (schools and Hospitals)

It is active .