Meet Our Team 

RAPO's  goal is to serve our people and to keep this land of being deserved the best of good and  privileges with a group of well-educated and patriotic with excellent ideas  applicable in all fields of education, culture, social, administrative, and agriculture. The underlying foundations are true and lasting system. Support of young people. Talents and ideas are one of the biggest goals in this institution, and we are trying to use our best efforts and enormously use the resources in different fields with support  of men and women to fulfill all their desires. Team have talented people such as website designer, graphic designer, professional and experience advisers in the fields of agriculture, economics, culture, administration, and society  with excellent talented whose goals are to  serve and progress of this land and people.



Board of Directors

Abdul Saboor Rahimi
CEO & Founder
Graduated from the law of religion . Work in the United Nations (UN) from 2002 to 2018

NasirAhmad Mohammadi

Graduated from the law of religion .

Ahmad shah Rasooly
Head of Construction

Graduated from the civil engineering , and teacher in Asia education institute .


Zakia Pezhman
Admin-Finance / IT Officer
Graduated From Computer Science Faculty, CTI Alumni, and Member of First Afghan Girls Game Developer Team.
Mansorah Rahmani
Master of Law Faculty and teacher in Jami University.
Ahmad Youresh Sidiqyar
Project-Maneger Deputy
Graduated from administration and management faculty.Work in the United Nations (UN)for 18years.

Advisory Board

Dr.Temorshah Rahemy
Advisor of Organization
Psychologist Doctor.
Waheedullah Sultani
Graduated From Agriculture Faculty.
Dr.NasirAhmad Rahmani
Advisor of Organization
Orthopedic specialist Doctor .


Marghoba Taimori
Computer Operator

 CTI Alumni , Mentor at Technovation challenge and web designer and Admin of RAPO website.

Arezo Akrami
Engineering Student. Documentary photographer.

Monawar Hashimi
Admin-Finance Assistant

Bachelor degree in English  literature Faculty and student at computer Science faculty.


Mohammad Saied Rahimi
Graduated from Psychology and law Faculty, and work at human rights Projects .
Dr.Wahid Adnan
General Director of Ghozara Animal Hospital . employee in the RAPO Organization.
Aref Yaqoubi
Experience working in organizations and offices.